Bamboo fly rods

"The future is in your hands. The grace and style of a fly rod
that upgrades your already impressive repertoire. Having the best
is its own reward. Step into the stream with Tufts & Batson."

Tufts & Batson bamboo fly rods

agile light strong

Tufts & Batson is a level of service and consideration ensuring quality and satisfaction. A commitment appropriate for the world’s premier heirloom rod.

My experience with
Tufts & Batson 6'9" 3/2 #4
Gillum by Tufts & Batson 7'3" 3/2 #4/5
PHY Midge by Tufts & Batson 6'3" #4
Tufts & Batson 7'9" 3/2 #5
Tufts & Batson 8'3" 3/2 #5
Tufts & Batson 8'6" 3/2 #5

R.K. Bolt bamboo fly rods

Heritage and craftsmanship of the old masters

Robert K. Bolt has been making rods for more than 25 years with several hundred rods built.

My experience with
R.K. Bolt 7'6" 3/2 #4