Tufts & Batson 8'6" 3/2 #5

One day Gabe asked me; what bamboo rod would be part of the ultimate fly fishing experience?

Tufts & Batson 8'6" 3/2 #5

June 2015

Despite the fact that we are divided by a giant ocean, I feel that I have come to know Amelia & Gabe from Tufts & Batson pretty good over the last two years. They have, from day one, shown that they have a unique understanding of what I seek in dry fly fishing. They have a love for their craft that I find unique. Talking rods with them is like a trip down memory lane of the old mastebuilders from days gone by. They have on two earlier occasions made rods for me to my utmost delight. Never failing to deliver that which I have tried to explain in regards to my dry fly fishing.

One day Gabe asked me; what bamboo rod would be part of the ultimate fly fishing experience?

Well, to describe the ultimate bamboo fly rod fishing experience is just as easy as picking this week's lottery number I told him, but every week there is a winner so why not. Here we go.

A full flex rod, that bends down beyond the middle section. Not all the way to the cork because I need some power for longer throws. It would be a splendid snake roll tool with a graceful turnover and pin-point accuracy. It would need to have a great recovery and feel light in hand. A rod that you can feel the fibers of the wood working with every stroke, a rod that you need to watch in your back throw since the feel of the load is so great you nearly forget to stop and begin the forward stroke. Primary fishing range of 10-25 meters. A true 5 weight rod that would handle a DT with ease, quick to load. A graceful arc and tight loops.

I may ask for too much and I know a lot of this is up to the caster as well, but this is what I see in my mind right now. A rod that would put me in a state of "Perfect Harmony".

His response left me truly excited; I'll get back to you.

Several months and plenty of mails to and from, a package arrived at my door. Un-wrapping the parcel revealed the most beautiful rod that I had ever seen from T&B. True to their style but in some way even more gorgeous than the previous ones. We ended up with an 8'6" #5 3-pieces rod with a slightly swelled butt and extra tip. This was a stunning masterpiece ready to be fished. To top it off, it also came with a portfolio of documentation, discussions and data from start to finish.

Stepping into the river with Tufts & Batson.

The rod was loaded with a Bi-metal reel from Godfrey and a Phoenix Silk DT5 line. This gave the rod a really good balance. After a few throws I was beginning to laugh, not only had T&B transformed my words into this finely tuned instrument, but they had done it in such a manner that I had not thought possible. The rod loads with ease, packs a really good punch, and has a graceful turnover with exceptional roll cast ability. Furthermore, in windy conditions it continued to perform when other rods had to bail. (this can also be the cause of the silk line)

Several other fisherman that I met and let try the rod was awestruck at how good it performed. These guys where either fiberglass and/or graphite lovers. One of them actually said; Do you think they can make this rod for me as well?

Rod was fished exclusively for 8-10 hours a day, 7 days. In all weather thought possible except snow. Biggest trout caught was roughly 1.7kg.

Like a violinist finds his/her love for a Stradivarious, I too have found mine. In the 'Harmonia Perfecta' from Tufts & Batson.

Jan Fredrik Lund

Tufts & Batson

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Tufts & Batson is a level of service and consideration ensuring quality and satisfaction. A commitment appropriate for the world’s premier heirloom rod.

Bamboo rods designed with lifelong performance and beauty as priority. Improving with age. An execution of balance--advanced envelope pushing, timeless technique and unending service.

T&B 8'6" #5 3/2 no.1507
-Medium dry fly action
-Agate stripper
-Nickel silver hardware
-Oxidized guides
-Black silk tipped amber
-African Blackwood spacer
-Nickel silver ferrule plugs
-Cigar grip cork
-Engraved hardware
-Lifetime Warranty

'They say you forget your troubles on a trout stream, but that's not quite it. What happens is that you begin to see where your troubles fit into the grand scheme of things, and suddenly they're just not such a big deal anymore.'

- John Gierach

'The finest gift you can give to any fisherman is to put a good fish back, and who knows if the fish that you caught isn't someone else's gift to you?'

- Lee Wulff

'It is impossible to grow weary of a sport that is never the same on any two days of the year.'

- Theodore Gordon