Tufts and Batson 7'9" 3/2 #5

Dry fly fishing for small to medium sized rivers.

Tufts and Batson 7'9" 3/2 #5

April 2018

Received this 7'9" 3/2 #5 rod a couple of months ago. Too much winter didn't see me trying the rod until the other day and again today. It has a mid-flex progressive action, a very smooth curve with delicate tips and great recovery. Capable of holding much line in the air. Easy to cast with a slow, relaxed rhythm. Accurate to the point of where it all comes down to the caster. Ideal fishing range would be a few meters up to 18 meters. Beyond that demands a faster rhythm, but it is still very capable.

I bought the rod for mid-sized and smaller rivers where I don't need to wade deep.

Works excellent with a Phoenix Silk DT5 line.

All in all I am overly pleased with the action of this rod.

Jan Fredrik Lund

Tufts & Batson

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Tufts & Batson is a level of service and consideration ensuring quality and satisfaction. A commitment appropriate for the world’s premier heirloom rod.

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T&B 7'9" #5 no.1708
-Medium dry fly action
-Agate stripper
-Nickel silver hardware
-Oxidized guides
-Honey tipped red
-Holly wood spacer
-Nickel silver ferrule plugs
-Cigar grip cork
-Engraved hardware
-Lifetime Warranty

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- Lee Wulff