Tufts and Batson 8'3" 3/2 #5

Dry fly fishing for trout in large rivers.

Tufts and Batson 8'3" #5

August 2016

I was going dry fly fishing for Atlantic salmon up in Finnmark and needed a rod with a bit more "backbone" to it. I told Amelia & Gabe what I was going to do and how I wanted to do it. I also told them that if possible, I wanted something special in terms of looks and finish.

We ended up with three piece 8'3" medium fast rod for a #5 DT line. Darkly flamed cane with honey translucent wrappings tipped red. With a milky white/fiery orange agate ring that matches the ivory white Holly wood spacer over nickel silver down locking reel seat. Navy blue homemade rod bag and the typically detailed T&B inscribing's on the tube and reel seat cap. Lovely touches.

The rod turned out to be one of the most beautiful bamboo rods I have ever laid my eyes upon. True work of art, from the hands of Amelia & Gabe.

The rod casts with little effort and has great recovery. It is able to cast both small flies as well as bombers for Atlantic salmon. The turnover is excellent and together with its smoothness when roll casting you have the perfect tool for fishing Atlantic salmon on the same spot over and over again. Normally I fish a Double tapered line, but I tried this rod with a Phoenix WF line and was stunned at how quickly it loaded as well as its ability to shoot the line out far, really far.

Although bought for Atlantic salmon, I had to try this rod for some brown trout where I live. I was lucky that day since large timber ants made the big trout's come out to play. After a few trout's had seen the net I spotted one of the big ones sipping ants in a circle just inside my casting range out on the lake. I presented my fly and was within seconds awarded with a strike and a pull so hard that I almost lost the rod. Awestruck as the trout unleashed its fury in a 30 meters pull before snapping my tippet I stood with my mouth wide open, laughing. Marveling at the rod and how good I felt that trout. Now, bring on the Atlantic salmons!

Works excellent with a Phoenix Silk DT5 as well as a Phoenix Silk WF5+ line.

My heartfelt thanks to Amelia & Gabe for crafting me this masterpiece of a fly rod.

Jan Fredrik Lund

Tufts & Batson

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T&B 8'3" #5 no.1617
-Medium dry fly action
-Agate stripper
-Nickel silver hardware
-Oxidized guides
-Honey tipped red
-Holly wood spacer
-Nickel silver ferrule plugs
-Cigar grip cork
-Engraved hardware
-Lifetime Warranty

'To him all good things-trout as well as eternal salvation-come by grace and grace comes by art and art does not come easy.'

- Norman Maclean

'Why does a salmon rise? Why does a small boy cross the street just to kick a tin can?'

- Lee Wulff