Tufts and Batson 6'9" 3/2 #4

Fishing smaller rivers and spring creeks with bushy surroundings and overhanging trees saw the need for a smaller rod.

Tufts and Batson 6'9" 3/2 #4

May 2016

Fishing smaller rivers and spring creeks with bushy surroundings and overhanging trees saw the need for a smaller rod. As such I contacted Tufts & Batson and began discussing what challenges lay ahead and what I wanted in a rod for this task. We decided on a 3 pcs. 6'9" rod. Something like Gillum with a little Garrison on the side. Powerful up to 15 meters, quick to load and effortlessly tight loops.

The rod arrived the day before I left for a week of fishing in Ribnik, Bosnia. This was my sixth season down there so I knew what was to come. But I was not prepared for what my new rod would throw at me. Simply put; I was amazed.

After about an hour with the rod it started to grow on me, a sensation of something good to come. By the end of the 1st. day the rod felt like an extension of my arm, it performed splendidly in just about every situation I put it thru. Like a bow and arrow, from short cast of a few feet up to 18-20 meters, the rod never fell short. It has great stability and recovery and was able to hold much line in the air for longer throws and snake rolls. I could feel the fibers in every twist and turn and how they worked with me to the very end of the cast. It was everything and more. The water was painted with a turnover so gentle that it was no more a ripple than an original mayfly would make.

As I was walking the banks of Ribnik with a giant grin on my face, one thing struck me; How fortunate I am to own such a fabulous rod. I do not wish to put it down.

The rod was tested 4 full days with a Phoenix Silk DT4 line on a Ted Godfrey Westminster. In my eyes a perfect set up for this rod. I would rate the action of the rod to be a lovely medium flex with backbone to boot. It handles big trout very well and protects your tippet in the best of ways.

That such a rod could be wrapped in such a tiny package is remarkable. Thank you Amelia & Gabe, for this is truly another marvelous piece of work.

Jan Fredrik Lund

Tufts & Batson

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T&B 6'9" #4 3/2 no.1607
-Medium dry fly action
-Agate stripper
-Nickel silver hardware
-Oxidized guides
-Black silk tipped amber
-African Blackwood spacer
-Nickel silver ferrule plugs
-Cigar grip cork
-Engraved hardware
-Lifetime Warranty

'O, sir, doubt not that Angling is an art; is it not an art to deceive a trout with an artificial fly?'

- Izaak Walton

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