"The future is in your hands. The grace and style of a fly rod
that upgrades your already impressive repertoire. Having the best
is its own reward. Step into the stream with Tufts & Batson."

Tufts & Batson bamboo fly rods

agile light strong

Tufts & Batson is a level of service and consideration ensuring quality and satisfaction. A commitment appropriate for the world’s premier heirloom rod.

Bamboo rods designed with lifelong performance and beauty as priority. Improving with age. An execution of balance--advanced envelope pushing, timeless technique and unending service.

-Amelia & Gabe

My experience with
Tufts & Batson 6'9" 3/2 #4
Gillum by Tufts & Batson 7'3" 3/2 #4/5
PHY Midge by Tufts & Batson 6'3" #4
Tufts & Batson 7'9" 3/2 #5
Tufts & Batson 8'3" 3/2 #5
Tufts & Batson 8'6" 3/2 #5